Riti di purificazione

Rites of Purification is a reflection on the relationship between disturbing visions and inner processes of reconciliation. The work consists of two cantilevers (steel painted in orange) standing between the vision and the two-dimensional element (photos or artwork) contained  beyond. What is meant specifically for disturbing  visions? “The observation of wounded landscapes by illegal constructions and neglection, as Pizzo Sella or Bellolampo, where the earth appears irreparably injured by violence of man, causes in me an immense pain.Obviously with Rites of Purification I can not change the external reality, but I can develop a personal,  intimate response. I developed these structures as if they were talismans, whose plot could accommodate everything that disturbs us deeply; they are shamanic objects operating thaumaturgically on the content, whether it’s a photo or a piece of art, or even pictures of bad behaviours and relationships. We all suffer from disabling contexts, where the wounds are obvious; rites of purification is therefore an object that does not end in the subjective vision but can also become a shared rite “.